Telstra network operator in Australia, a general overview

In the 21st century the technology has gained a paramount importance. The advancements we witness have made our life much easier, meanwhile challenging: in order to be able to keep up with the rapid changes one should always be connected, as connection can bring success both in business and personal life.

From this perspective, telecommunication companies have a huge impact on the development of the society, as they are the main providers of the connectivity.

Today we are going to present you the Telstra network operator of Australia, concentrating on the   Telstra boosters that are used in Australia.

In general, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Australia provide telephone or data services from major carriers such as Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.

As tells, Telstra is the leading telecommunication and technology company which offers a full range of telecommunication services, including fixed line and mobile telephony, Internet and data services, network services, digital television etc.

Telstra has a long history in Australia: years ago it has been operating as a government department but later it became fully private organization and underwent a lot of changes and improvements meant to the increase of customer focus as well as international growth of the company. Almost all the researches carried out in Australia claim that the Telstra Company provides the best coverage in the country and cannot competed with. To be more exact, Telstra has twice as much users as Optus and Vodafone, has more 4G coverage and the cases of failed connection are much fewer. So, in case you are going a rural travelling in Australia it is beneficial and safer to choose Telstra as a telecommunication provider, while in case you are going to spend your time in an urban area the other operators are equally advised.

Having launched 4G internet in Australia in 2011, Telstra is currently claimed to provide access to the fastest 4G in the territory of the country. Since launch, Telstra has managed to cover 85% of the population. It goes without saying that in order to benefit from the advantages of 4G internet one needs a mobile phone which handles it, still, the fact is that the majority of the population of AU uses phones without the feature.


Relevant Connection Problems in AU. Their Reasons and Possible Solutions


In spite the fact that the Telstra network is quite reliable in Australia, the problems connected with it network are still relevant and often cause some inconveniences.

The reasons that give birth to the signal problems are various; still we will make a try to outline the main causes of it.

The first and perhaps the most common reason because of which you may experience a poor connection in AU is likely to be provided by the density of the population of the country.  If we compare the map of Australia, which indicates the places where many Australians live with the Telstra signal map we cannot fail noticing that both the population of the county is and the power towers are concentrated in the coastal area of the country. As a result of the huge numbers of power stations, the coastal area receives better connection in comparison to the central part of the country.

Such an attitude of the provider can be explained by the fact that the construction of power stations demands huge financial investments which will not be probably compensated if the density of the population does not offer many potential users. Besides, the distance from the tower station as on the way there may be many obstacles which will negatively effect on the quality of the signal. So, if you are living in such an area or in case you are planning to go travelling in an area from where the cell tower is rather far, you should be prepared for such situations.

From the other hand, if you are living in a huge city like Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, you are not still guaranteed from suffering low signal problems, as another popular reason for low signal is relevance of barriers on their way from cell tower to your position. Among most common barriers the construction material that your house or office is made of can be enumerated.

Some materials like metal and concrete walls are quite hard for cellular signals to pass through and consequently you will have difficulties if you need connection in such a building! But come on, this does not mean that you will be obliged to bent out of your window with your mobile in your hand  to ‘hunt’ stronger  signals; all you need is a mobile phone signal booster which will ‘hunt’ stronger signals outside the building, and will deliver them to you after collecting.

Apart from the permanent   phone signal issues that the users of Telstra may encounter in Australia, there happen some temporary issues as well. This year the amount of such complaints have been increasing since summer- a time, when bushfires and inclement weather has always caused outrages in AU. Still, the problem lies in the fact that the number of the complaints received from the users have increased with 5.6 percent during this year, compared to the same period of 2015, meanwhile the outrages have continued up to four hours in some cases, causing a lot of hardships both businesses and families.


So, if you have encountered at least one of the above-mentioned problems you should agree that it is quite frustrating to be unable to get proper signal.

Still, the issue has an easy and quick solution. Just a single mobile booster may provide you with five bar signal, so that your valuable time and priceless nerves are saved!

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