Mobile Signal Boosters UK Based on Mobile Providers

Are you fed up with having to deal with missed or interrupted calls that were of great importance only because the location you are at is not “signal-friendly”? No matter which mobile provider you use, the problem doesn’t back down? If you are in search of a solution to this problem then you’re at the right place. A mobile phone signal booster is all you need to never miss calls from your friends, employers or employees again. Keep reading to find out more about signal boosters and their usage in the UK.

The problem of few coverage areas and low-quality cellular connection is widespread and doesn’t really depend on the quality level of your mobile provider. Most mobile providers in the UK have quite large coverage areas and provide their subscribers with high-quality signal however this signal is not available everywhere, especially in the countryside or mountainous and comparatively isolated places and if your home is outside the coverage area or you are at a place that is far from the strong signal areas then it’s natural to stumble upon weak connectivity. But as soon as you acquire a mobile phone signal booster that is compatible with your mobile provider and the area you need to cover be it a home, a flat, a boat or a car, you will forget about all the inconveniences caused by low-quality signal.

Signal booster UK offers you a wide variety of mobile repeaters that are designed to fit any British mobile provider as well as any coverage area. You can find the best mobile repeater that will meet all your needs and demands. But before we start discussing the different mobile providers of the UK and the signal boosters designed for them, let’s first grasp the idea of a mobile signal booster, its structure and way of functioning.

Mobile Signal Boosters UK: What are Mobile Repeaters and How Do They Function?

Essentially, signal boosters have the same structure and function about the same way regardless of the country they are produced in. As long as we are speaking about mobile repeaters UK we will mention a few characteristic features that are specific only to this country and its mobile providers.

But before that, let’s answer the main question i.e. what are mobile signal boosters? To cut it short, a cell phone signal booster or a cellular repeater is a kind of amplifier aimed at boosting the mobile phone reception to the local area. It consists of the following main parts:

     An external directional antenna

     A signal amplifier

     An internal rebroadcast antenna

     A coaxial cable for connecting the two antennas to the amplifier

The system functions in the following way: The external antenna collects the best and strongest cellular signal which is transferred to the signal amplifier unit by means of the coaxial cable and then transmitted to the internal antenna again with the help of more cable. The internal antenna sends out the received signal to the users. Keep in mind that the best models that are of high-quality always comprise the above mentioned main parts all in one system and only the cheap models might lack either the external or the internal antenna. Pay a little more for quality!

Generally speaking, there are two types of mobile signal boosters:

Analog Signal Boosters: These are the most common ones and function by using traditional technology to boost all frequencies from mobile carriers. Analog signal boosters are mostly broadband and come with a kit of outdoor antenna and a cable and need to be installed. These repeaters are also known as BDA units i.e. Bi-Directional Amplifier.

Smart Signal Booster: Unlike the previous type of boosters, this is a relatively new category among mobile repeaters. The new technology implies using powerful all-digital baseband processors to clean the signal and then rebroadcast it. These boosters are comparatively more expensive than the traditional ones and don’t require an installation of an external antenna.