The mobile signal booster for improving mobile connection quality among mobile networks in South Africa

Despite the fact that all mobile network suppliers in South Africa always work on the improvement of mobile connection quality, according to recently issued survey, more than 50 % of mobile users across ZA are still exposed to such mobile signal perception problems. Basically people claim that experience such mobile connection inconveniences as drooped calls, mobile signal disruption, and signal disconnection.  However, today the problem of weak mobile signal perception is successfully solved due to the implementation of a cell phone signal booster. The mobile network booster is a specific device designed to amplify current mobile signal and spread its coverage to areas that receive a poor mobile signal connection, or where the connection is absent at all.  As, wireless mobile network is considered to be the most widely spread type of connection today, a cell phone signal booster is extensively used in South Africa and other parts of the world. Mobile boosters were firstly implemented in the USA. After years of analyzing the problem, the Federal communication commission officially approved the implementation of cell phone boosters to enlarge the range of cellular networks into zones that get poor service. As being highly effective in raising the quality of mobile signal perception, these devices have spread all over the globe.  Mobile signal boosters have been present in the market for more than 14 years already. Nowadays, the progress in the industry of mobile phone signal boosters enables mobile users to receive highly stable mobile signal not only in their homes, but also in offices, cars, and even boats. One more advantage of cell phone repeaters is an increase in the mobile’s phone battery life, as it requires lower power to spread the signal.

A network booster was directly designed to deal with poor mobile signal perception.  There are some major factors that may lead to a weak mobile signal. One of the factors that may influence the quality of your mobile signal connection is the distance from the closest cell tower. What does it mean? Generally provide mobile signal connection through the network of cell towers. When you are located within one mobile network coverage, your mobile device will automatically connect to the closest cell tower. The problem here is that when the distance between two cell towers is large, or you cross the coverage boundaries of this network, your mobile device tends to lose the signal the further you are from the nearest tower. This situation frequently leads to dropped calls. As many mobile users in South Africa say, it represents a standard problem in rural areas. Another reason for poor quality of mobile signal is mobile signal obstructions. If the first factor was typical for rural areas, mobile signal obstructions are generally present in town areas. Mobile signal overcomes the air resistance with minimal troubles, however, when mobile signal passes through some objects on its way, these objects may influence the signal connection. Such geographical objects as mountains, high hills, trees can, to some extent, disrupt mobile signal. It is also applies to high building, town constructions and even fences. In addition, the wide usage of such energy efficient products as window tinting and radiant barriers may also have a negative influence o the quality of mobile connection.

A cell phone signal booster or as it also called a cell phone signal repeaters is effectively applied to solve the above discussed problems.


Basically, both mobile signal manufacturing companies and mobile network suppliers coincide in the opinion that a mobile signal repeaters represent the most optimal way to deal with mobile connection problems.  The above mentioned information will turn useful for you in selecting the best product for your concrete case. The implementation of cell phone repeaters has already help to get rid of mobile connection problems among many mobile users all over the world. You also can search the Internet for further information and positive reviews, before choosing your device. Thus, if you still suffer from unpleasant problem of dropped calls, or poor quality of your mobile internet connection, do not hesitate anymore and address to mobile signal amplifiers.  With the help of mobile amplifiers you will always stay connected and won’t miss important calls regardless of your location.  

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